Mask with logo and inner branding

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Minimum Purchase:
25 units
Maximum Purchase:
15000 units
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Product Overview

**Must be purchased with stamp ($25 fee for creation of stamp).

Add a custom logo on the front and add a custom interior stamp. Interior stamp allows you to add your logo, text or image on the interior surface of the mask. Interior stamp is approx 1/2" wide by 1.25" long.

Minimum order of 20 masks. Choose from all colors and sizes. Looking for something else? Want a color that isn't listed here? Let us know and we can make it especially for you!  

Shipping price is included for all masks shipped in the US. Five more things to know about these masks:

#1 Thing is that you can wash them.

Save money. Hand wash them in cold water, with non-chlorine bleach and let them air dry. During these uncertain times no one is made of money. So, we designed a facial covering that you can wash.

#2 They’re comfortable AF.

The last thing you want during your long workday is a chafing on your ears, scars across your forehead or an itchy face. These masks are designed first and foremost with your safety and comfort in mind. Did we tell you they’re 3 layers of protection?

#3 They’re reuasable.

Don’t throw them away like you do most masks. Show these masks a little love. Hand wash them in cold water, with non-chlorine bleach and let them air dry. You love them, they’ll love you right back.

#4 Masks are sorta like seat belts.

Some people wear seat belts for their safety. Some people don’t. Generally speaking, wearing a seat belt is a good idea, just in case. Cause you know sh*t happens when we least expect it to. Consider following the CDC’s guidelines about wearing facial coverings and masks in public. It just may save your life.

#5 You look great in your custom mask!

There is no rule against looking good while you work.

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